Everybody has regular activities that they wish they could live without. It’s the reason that New Year’s resolutions exist. And although your tendency might be trivial or not a big deal, the little things add up. It’s important to be cognizant of these habits in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.  

Eating Unhealthy Snacks

Snacking on some chips on the couch can be a fun and enjoyable experience on a Saturday afternoon after a stressful week at work. However, this type of stationary munching can have serious implications on your health. When you make a habit out of snacking, you are ruining the natural relationship of hunger-satisfaction that is triggered by hormones in your body. This can lead to chronic overeating, and in turn heighten the risk for diabetes and heart disease. If you find yourself hungry, try to start planning your meals more proficiently everyday. It’s important to get the nutrition you need every day through various healthy meals over snacks that are high in fats, sweets, and salt. Contrary to popular belief, the frequency of your meals does not influence your weight loss. At the end of the day, whether you eat 6 small meals a day or 3 big meals, the total calories that you take in have the same metabolic effect on your body.

Skipping Breakfast

Speaking of not getting your daily nutrition through meals, you might be surprised to find that “the most important meal of the day” is one that is commonly omitted from people’s daily schedules. Many people skip their first meal because they feel they don’t have enough time or that it’s just not important. But what they don’t realize is the effects that it has on your energy levels and blood sugar. When you have something to eat in the morning, it signals your metabolism to kickstart the day. When you miss this signal, it means that your metabolism is slower to start, leading to a less efficient breakdown of fat. In turn, weight gain and inactivity are the results.

Neglecting Sleep

We all sacrifice the time we could be sleeping in favor of doing something enjoyable like watching a movie or staying out late with friends. It’s fine to get fewer than seven hours every once in a while, but habitually missing out on a beneficial amount of sleep can hold serious risks to your health. Without a proper amount of rest, the efficiency of your body’s immune system deteriorates rapidly, making you more prone to illness. On top of that, a lack of sleep can reduce your alertness, have adverse effects on your appetite, hormone levels, and circulation. Doing any kind of physical activity or even driving is significantly more dangerous when you are severely sleep deprived. Make it a habit to watch an hour fewer a night of TV and read a book instead. It may help your body’s natural production of melatonin do its job.


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