The feeling of an effective training session can be intoxicating. After an amazingly intense session, you may feel they need to come back the next day and they day after to continue to get that workout “high.” While there is nothing wrong with consistent training, it does run a fine line with overtraining. It may be hard for you to realize that you need to take a break from the heavy weights or high intensity sessions, that’s why we’re here. We have outlined 4 distinct signs that indicate that you may need to take a rest day.

Dark Yellow Urine

Dark yellow urine is a key indicator that you need to take a break. This shows that your body is dehydrated and is in desperate need of water. Training while dehydrated can lead to:

  • Heat cramps
  • Seizures
  • Decreased blood oxygen levels

Your body needs at least 45 minutes to recover from dehydration, so you still need to to take a break even if you drink water immediately after experiencing a cramp. A few factors that can lead to dehydration is the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the last 24 hours or only drinking coffee leading up to a training session.

Excessively Sore

It is normal to be sore 2 to 3 days after working out, but if that pain continues 5 and 6 days after working out it’s time for a rest day. Improper body mobility can lead to a dysfunctional movement pattern which increases the possibility of suffering an injury. This is most relevant when an individual is sore and cannot accurately perform a stretch or an exercise and ends up injuring himself.


Working out benefits the brain, but it can also negatively affect the brain if you are dehydrated while doing so. Exercising generally makes you happier through the release of endorphins to the brain, but the are also coupled with the stress hormone cortisol. If the level of cortisol remains high in the brain for an elongated period of time, you can expect your mood to be negatively impacted.

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