We engage in less physical activity the older we get. From new jobs with new responsibilities to attending graduate school and taking tests, life continually throws new things our way to take up our time. One of the many factors that can lead to decreased activity is a family. After you start a family, your priorities change. What was once a morning workout session is now a “get your kids ready for school” session. With all of these new priorities, is it possible to live an active lifestyle?

Stay Active All Day

There will be many days where an exercise session won’t fit into your schedule no matter how hard you try to squeeze it in. For days like these, it’s crucial to find activity whatever way you can. Little things like parking farther away from the store while running errands or going for a walk around your neighborhood with your kids can make a huge difference.

Make Exercise a Priority

Whenever you do find the time to work out, there may be an irresistible urge to catch up on your favorite TV show or catch a Monday night football game. Instead of TV time, this time could be used for a quality workout. Instead of watching your favorite team run on the field, why not take a jog around your local park?

Set Realistic Goals

After engaging in a sedentary lifestyle for a while, you’re not going to be a track star or lose 20 pounds your first week into an active routine. Setting small, achievable goals like losing one to two pounds a week, or pushing yourself to get up each morning for one week to exercise before your day begins are great ways to develop a healthy habit and stay motivated to pursue your fitness goals.

Be a Role Model

Although getting back to your active lifestyle is a personal goal, you’re also teaching your kids about the importance of physical activity. Believe it or not, your kids pay attention to everything you do, even if they don’t listen to each word you say. With each workout, hike, or short jog you fit into your schedule, your kids learn more about how essential fitness is in their lives. In time, the lessons they learn will stick with them!

It’s easy to remember how vital exercise is after starting a family. Fitness is a gateway to living a long, healthy life. You want to be around as long as you can to provide support for your family. Many benefits of exercise lead to improved overall health. If you need a little extra push to help you get your active lifestyle back, join us at PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale! We offer a variety of classes with different intensities and schedules so you can easily squeeze in a workout. The hardest step toward an active lifestyle is always the first. Let us help you take that step!