In our last post we recommended getting in at least 10,000 steps per day to boost weight loss and overall fitness. This can be difficult to achieve, especially if you work in an office all day or live in a city that is not pedestrian-friendly. To put things into perspective, the average person owns a stride that reaches a little over two feet in length. That means for most people to reach the 10,000 milestone, they have to walk nearly five miles a day! It sounds like a whole lot if your main method of transportation is taking the train or a car, and nearly impossible if, again, your job has you sitting down all day. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try to reach this daily step count with a few tricks.

Walk the Dog and/or Kids

If you work a typical 9-5 five days a week you aren’t getting much activity, unless by some miracle that is your schedule as a personal trainer, dog walker, retail worker. When you get home from work, the first thing you probably like to do is sit down and unwind, and maybe even eat a hearty meal. After that, you watch a few hours of television before bed. While it is definitely a good thing to disconnect from a long day at work, your body has been on its butt all day. Destress by doing something physical like going for a walk with your family, even if your family is just your dog.

Take the Stairs

When your 9-5 has you sitting down 8 hours a day, the least you can do for your body is to take the stairs, that is if your office is not on the ground level. Stairs can really get your heart rate going if you walk up and down enough of them at a quick pace. Keeping your heart throbbing is the best way to ward off heart health issues later in life that time and time again are caused by too much inactivity. If your office is on a particularly high floor, try taking the steps for as long as you can and then taking the elevator the rest of the way up.

Park Far Away

If you use a car to get to work, try to park as far away from the entrance as possible. You may feel silly doing such a thing just to take a few more steps, but every effort is worth it to accumulate 10,000 steps a day. Unlike taking the stairs, this is one most people haven’t heard of and don’t think to do.

Get Off Early

For this method, we’re talking about buses, subways, trains, and all other forms of public transportation. If you use public transport to get to and from work and the closest stop leaves you a block away (or closer) to your building, consider getting off a stop or two early and walking the rest of the way, or even walking past a few bus or train stations before hopping on. If you’re in a city that is easily navigable by foot, make the best of it.

Walking Meetings

What’s more boring than sitting at your desk all day getting work done? Sitting in a cold conference room pretending to participate in company meetings. Unless you’re leading the meeting, that is. In which case, you are probably over not being sure whether or not your employees are listening. Want to really grab their attention? Organize a walking meeting and get the hearts of your team pumping again. Unless it’s pouring rain out, take advantage of the nice weather and explore the city streets around your office. You may be surprised at what you find, whether it’s the fact that some of your team members have great ideas or a new restaurant you didn’t even know existed that becomes your new favorite lunch spot.

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