Although the media portrays professional athletes as superhumans, we understand that football players and Olympic swimmers alike are regular people too. When you make the transition from the field to the office, you will probably want to ensure you stay in shape. Just because you are not paid for your athleticism does not mean you should ignore it! In a way, your athletic career is never truly “finished,” it just morphs into more personal goals. We have five tips that can help you stay in shape.

Try New Activities

You most likely had a strict, planned routine during your athletic career. One of the best parts about staying fit afterward is the opportunity to try new exercises. Run on the beach, try out a new gym, or work a part of your body that you’ve never considered before. You may find a new set of exercises that keep you motivated to stay fit.

Remember Your Routine

Part of why many professional athletes perform so well is that they are expected to stick to a routine. While staying disciplined may be easier when it is part of your career, you may find yourself lacking motivation once the paycheck disappears. Working out alongside a new job or inheriting responsibilities (like raising a family) can also make it difficult to stay on track with your fitness goals. Make a point to choose a dedicated workout hour, whether that is before or after work, and do what you can to commit to that time.

Join a Local League

Professional athletes are not the only ones who play in sports teams! Relive your childhood days of pickup basketball by joining a local sports league in your neighborhood. Through these smaller matches, you can make friends with local fitness enthusiasts and enjoy a low-stakes game while keeping your health in check.

Find a Fitness Community

A fitness community helps you connect with novices and experts alike who have similar interests. A good fitness club can help you stay on track with the previous points, providing fun new exercises, a set schedule, and connections to local sporting events and clubs. If you live in Fort Lauderdale, PumpFit Club is one such community that can push your skills to the limit! Curious to find out how? Try a free class with us.