The number one reason why people say they don’t exercise is because they don’t have any time. Whether it is true or not, this excuse is one that people continue to live by rather than finding a solution. Don’t worry, we have found a couple solutions for you. You may not have time to leave your house and get to a gym, but housework is inevitable. Here are a few ways housework can get you fit.

Lift the Laundry

Do you have a hamper or some sort of fixture that holds your dirty laundry? Of course you do. These can get pretty heavy when it gets closer to wash day. Consider your dirty clothes hamper a weighted plate and bust out a few reps. There are a few different movements you can perform depending on the shape of your hamper. One of which is to hold your hamper above your head and pulse it upward for two sets of ten reps. Another move is to outstretch your hamper in front of you and pulse it outward for the same two sets of ten.

Take Advantage of Stairs

Who needs a stair climber when you have a free one in your home? Take advantage of your stairs and do tasks that require you to go up and down the stairs. Are you washing bed sheets? Instead of rolling everything up in a ball and throwing it down the stairs, take off each layer off the bed separately and walk them down to the washer individually. By the third trip you should start feeling the burn in your calves and glutes.

No More Automation

Automated devices may be more convenient, but they can be taking away from your housework workout. There are automated can openers, knives, and even bots that roam around the house picking up dirt. We’re not saying throw away your fancy gadgets just take a break from them. Chop your vegetables manually, handwash your dishes, and sweep the floor with a broom. Simple changes in such tasks can give you that workout you didn’t know you were missing out on.

Maximize Downtime

Another great way to get a workout while performing everyday tasks is to maximize downtime. When your food is heating up in the microwave, hit a couple squats or push ups. Get on the ground and perform a few crunches when your favorite TV show is on commercial. You’ll be surprised the workout you can get in a few minutes.

These simple but effective mini workouts can be the change you need to get active again. When you’re ready to increase the intensity, visit PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale! We offer high intensity interval training sessions that are designed to keep your heart rate up throughout the entirety of the workout for maximum results. Join us today for a free training session.