We love our kids. We spend a large portion of our lives teaching them what’s right and wrong, and protecting them from harm. But one of the biggest and most overlooked problems for children today is obesity. Weight loss for children is important in order for them to live a healthy life, and one of the most significant ways to achieve it is through fitness. Here are some tips for helping your child lose weight.

Set Goals

Setting goals are important because weight loss comes from consistency. Goals don’t have to be something as concrete as, “lose five pounds in two weeks,” but can be as simple as, “do 20 pushups today.” As long as you set up schedule of consistent goals for your children to reach, you will start seeing progress.

Make It Fun

As a parent it can be difficult to get your kids to engage in activity for a prolonged amount of time. Sometimes kids just aren’t motivated to exercise. That’s’ why it’s important to make exercise fun to them. Create a game out of the exercise they’re trying to do, or turn it into a competition. Even things like a jump rope or scooter can be used for some great cardio. If your children are having fun, weight loss will come easier than you’d expect.

Reward Them

Giving your kids an incentive to exercise is a great way to motivate them to reach their goals. Things like video games and junk food may be detrimental to their new healthy lifestyle, but in moderation they can be used as a fun reward.

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