Staying active can be difficult when you are accustomed to only doing hobbies and activities which promote being sedentary. There’s nothing wrong with things like movies, TV, and video games, but when they get in the way of having an active lifestyle, you may want to consider taking up a few new hobbies. You don’t necessarily have to be athletic or young to have hobbies that make you more active. It’s all about finding the right one which you enjoy. Try these ideas:

Helping Others

Try volunteering. If you are not a naturally athletic person or you are an older individual, this can be a great way to get off the couch. As an added benefit, you’ll be able to say that you’re helping your community. You can try finding non-profits in your neighborhood. Look for an organization that does something you care about and do some volunteer work. Seniors, for example, generally enjoy helping out at veteran’s homes and schools. You’ll find volunteer work to be active, even exhausting at times, but highly rewarding.

Nature Hikes

If you love the outdoors, you’ll have a great time hiking. Hiking is great exercise for your legs and can easily take an entire weekend that might have otherwise been spent on the couch. You may even want to bring your friends and family along. Hiking can be a great activity to encourage bonding and you can all enjoy a more active lifestyle together.


We all have places where we’ve always wanted to go but haven’t. Traveling can be a great way to enjoy the world and stay active. You may want to plan annual trips with friends and family and split the cost. You’ll probably find that wherever you choose to go, you’ll be running around like crazy all day trying to see everything there is to see. Also, you should consider adding plenty of physical activities to your agenda like fishing, skiing, and more.

Another key part of promoting a healthy lifestyle is to make a habit of exercising regularly. PumpFit Club offers a fun way to exercise that is designed to be inclusive. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level, can attend. Contact us today for more information.