It’s February. Have you been keeping up with your fitness resolutions, or are other responsibilities getting in the way? Clichés often originate out of some grain of truth many people who make fitness goals for the New Year tend to fall off after a couple of weeks. Don’t give up hope! The few of those who stick with their resolutions are not demi-gods or superheroes; they’re people who know that planning and strategy make up half the battle in exercise. Follow some of these tips to help you keep moving forward with your 2017 fitness resolutions.


Let’s start with the most common tip: making sure your goal is one that can be measured. Broad, vague goals often overwhelm the underprepared. People often have anxiety about “not doing enough” or “never making it,” when they don’t even know what “it” is! Keep in mind that a resolution can be anything and it doesn’t have to last a whole year. Get down to numbers – smaller numbers –  that can make your goals more manageable, yet rewarding, when you reach them.

Ask Yourself Why

Some people want to work out so they can get a ripped six-pack by the end of the year. Others want to work out so they can impress someone they have a crush on or get compliments about their body. There’s nothing wrong with being a little superficial, but people who make these kinds of purposes their primary goals fall off quickly. Those who view fitness as a gateway to improving their mood and staying healthy often find sticking with their fitness resolutions a more convincing argument, as it brings a deeper sense of meaning to their life. Looking hot is just a convenient bonus!

Know When to Look for Help

Not every exercise is as straightforward as it seems. Running, for example, can ruin your back, legs, or feet when done incorrectly. The same goes for most any other fitness routine. When you hurt yourself due to improper form or stop yourself from doing an exercise because you’re afraid of doing it wrong, you’re building a wall that doesn’t have to be there. Working out with a group provides you with motivation, ideas for new exercises, and spotters who can give you some personalized advice on how to keep good form.

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