Everyone seems to have their own personal limit for how old is too old to exercise. For some people it’s as early as their 30s. For others, it can be as late as their 60s, 70s, or beyond. No matter what your own “too old” age is, it’s time for a revelation: there is not, in fact, an age too old to get back into shape. In fact, time and again, there have been cases of men and women who have been out of shape for most of their lives, only to pick up their first weight or take their first run and start feeling better than ever. The strongest obstacle about getting back into shape, regardless of what age you are, is what attitude you approach it with. After that, it’s taking the right precautions with your exercise, making sure that you don’t injure yourself, and having fun!


If you are thinking of working yourself back into shape, but believe you may be too old, the first thing you need to think about is your attitude towards exercise in general. Many of us who end up skipping an exercise tend to do so through an excuse: it’s not a good day, I’m too tired, I don’t have as much muscle as I used to. Sure, it may not be a good day, and you may be tired, and as people age, muscle mass can start going away.

On the other hand, exercising has proven to give people more energy on a day to day basis. Those who exercise tend to be in a better mood. Not only that, but the same phenomena where you lose muscle mass with age, can also be prevented with a steady workout. The short term may be easy to look at, but if you take a step back and view the long term, the scales tip heavily to your exercising. Truly, the greatest obstacle you will be facing when getting back to shape is yourself. Instead of looking at exercise as something you can’t do because of old age, view it as an opportunity.

Find a Support Group

Many cities and towns have groups of older athletes that are open to join. Exercise is easier to stick to when you can commit to a goal with some friends, and you will also be able to spot each other in order to prevent injury. Getting back into shape can also act as a good avenue to meet new people.

Regardless of age, everyone has their own fitness goals that they would like to meet one day. If you’re looking for a fun fitness group in Fort Lauderdale that can help you meet those goals, understanding your needs and motivating you along the way, try one of our free classes at PumpFit Club!