There’s no better feeling than being one with nature. The tropical climate of South Florida makes being outdoors all the more enjoyable. In addition to your high intensity interval training (HIIT), we suggest that you get outside and enjoy your training activity of choice. Some people choose to bike or go for runs while others prefer team sports. Whatever your vice may be, you can appreciate a quality park. Here are some of the best Fort Lauderdale parks you can train in.

Central Broward Regional Park

Central Broward Regional Park is one of the newest parks in Fort Lauderdale. The location plays host to a professional cricket stadium, multi purpose training fields, basketball, tennis, and netball courts. The facility is 110-acres and also has a 1.5-mile long nature trail that is welcoming to bikers and joggers alike. Whether you choose to lace up your cleats for some sprints or take to the trail for an intense run, Central Broward Regional Park has something for you.

Markham Park

Markham Park is another attractive destination for Fort Lauderdale fitness seekers. The park offers endless accommodations including mountain bike trails, endless yards of field space, tennis, and racquetball courts. The open fields are a perfect place to take your HIIT outdoors, while the mountain bike trails can provide an intense workout of their own. There is also a fitness zone with ten pieces of equipment that work everything from your abs to chest and back.

Vista View Park

Vista View Park is 272 acres of open field. There are also paved pathways that allow running, jogging, inline skating, and casual cycling. The park is famous for its many hills that fitness seekers enjoy racing up and down for a quality cardiovascular workout. A half-mile loop serves as a fitness trail with several stations that include:

  • Balance station
  • Bench stepper
  • Lower body warm-up
  • Torso stability station
  • Upper body strengthening station

Visit our Fort Lauderdale training center when you’re ready to take your intense training indoors. At PumpFit Club, we combine cardio and strength training to create high intensity interval training. This training method is designed to keep your heart rate high as you perform a variety of movements that target various muscle groups. Are you ready to benefit from what we have to offer? Contact us today to discover how you can get a free HIIT class!