Experts say 2016 is going to be a big year for fitness. Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of being healthy and embracing a lifestyle that promotes fitness. New diets, new ways to work out, and fitness tracking technologies are just a few of the many fitness trends that we’re expecting to be big in 2016.

Fitness Wearables

In 2015 sales of wearables that are designed to track fitness increased by over 100%. Some of the most popular fitness wearables include Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, and a variety of smartwatches including the Apple Watch. Most fitness wearables are designed to go on your wrist throughout the day. They can track things like the number of steps you’ve taken, the number of hours you sleep, and the amount of calories you burn. They can also measure important metrics for exercising such as heart rate. We expect fitness wearables to be bigger than ever this year.

More Cardio Equipment at Home

Many individuals would like to get a quick run in the morning or a bike ride before work but don’t have the time. More and more individuals are buying home cardio equipment that allows them to get a quick workout at home in addition to going to the gym. In addition, an increasing number of new companies are investing in this type of equipment including FlexStrider, Octane, and NordicTrack.

Alternatives to the Traditional Gym

Although gym attendance is reaching an all time high as more and more individuals start to care more about their fitness, many people are beginning to look for an alternative to a traditional gym. Individuals are looking for a fitness option that allows them to be social, work out with other people, have fun while working out, and get personalized training. Here at PumpFit, we understand the demand for fitness options like these. That’s why our personalized group training classes are designed to be both inclusive to everyone and highly effective at helping you lose weight, build muscle, and promote a healthier lifestyle.
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