Many aspiring athletes don’t think of a jump rope as a good workout tool or try it for a day before giving up; however, jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises you can add to your workout because it is cheap, flexible, and easy. The trick to jumping rope is knowing some basics to prevent overworking yourself. Keep these tips in mind, add a jump rope to your workout, and explore a new world of opportunities!

Jump Rope Form

One of the easiest things to miss when starting your jump rope workout is not having the right form. Like with any exercise, poor form can put unnecessary strain on your muscles, heightens injury risk, and you can get tired faster than you should. When jumping rope, you should be bouncing off the front part of your feet, also known as the balls of your feet. Your heels should never touch the ground! Most of your rope swings should also come from your wrists instead of your arms and shoulders. While your wrists twist, the hands need to stay only a little above the waistline.

Buying a Rope

Even with the right form, the wrong jump rope can cause trouble. A good jump rope made out of plastic shouldn’t cost much. Some beginners try to start with more expensive, specialized ropes, but those are for workouts intended for jumpers at the intermediate or expert level. Your height determines how long of a jump rope you should buy. Check which length is right for you by standing on the rope, then pulling the handles up without stretching the material. The handles need to reach up to the area around your armpits.

Start Slow

Someone who wants to start running can’t go straight to a ten mile distance jog; they need to start small with alternating runs and walks. With jump rope, not having a firm grasp on fundamentals can keep you stuck at the beginner level. Get comfortable with jumping only about a quarter-inch to half-inch above the ground. Learn how to repeat constant small jumps while keeping your form before moving on to more complicated techniques. While it might take a while, the payoff is a quick cardio routine that you can do anywhere.

Jumping rope is just one of many creative workout routines you can implement to keep fitness fun! If you’re looking for more ways to reach your workout goals, try a free fitness class with us at PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale and see what our group training can do for you!