If you are working out, chances are your goals fall into one or more of three categories: losing weight, building muscle, and trying to feel healthier. Regardless of which of these goals best matches your goals, staying properly fueled is key to achieving them. When we say “fueled” we primarily mean two things, food and water. Whether that means eating more protein to help build muscle, eating fewer calories to lose weight, or drinking more water to stay properly hydrated, staying properly fueled while on a workout routine is very important. Here’s what you should know about keeping fueled before, during, and after your workout:

Before Working Out

Let’s get one thing straight – you don’t want to eat a huge meal right before working out (obviously). It’s best to “fuel up” at least two hours before working out. This will help give you the energy you need to work out longer and harder. We recommend you eat plenty of healthy carbohydrates like whole-grain foods. Also, because some foods take longer to digest and will divert oxygen from your muscles to your digestive system (thereby hampering your endurance), we recommend you stay away from these foods before working out. These foods include saturated fats and even too much protein. Save the protein for after the workout.

While Working Out

While working out, the number one thing to remember in terms of fuel is keeping hydrated. Some individuals swear by their sports drinks but really, water will do just fine when it comes to hydration. Take frequent small sips as you work out.

Generally, you don’t have to worry too much about eating during your workouts unless you plan on working out for a prolonged time (like several hours). If you do plan on working out vigorously for a long time some good snacks include energy bars and bananas.

After Working Out

After you work out, you may want to wait at least 30 minutes before having a large meal. We recommend you drink plenty of water and even 100% fruit juice and eat plenty of carbohydrates. Now is also the time to eat lean protein.

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