Not seeing any results in your muscle-building regimen? The following five mistakes could be the culprit.

#1 Eating Foods to Lose Weight

Eating lean may seem like a good idea to reduce fat and build muscle, but a too strict diet can compromise your efforts. Your body needs excess calories to build muscle. Insufficient intake of food, especially protein-rich foods, will force your body to go into starvation mode. In this mode, your body will store fat and resort to shedding muscle as a source of fuel.

#2 Performing the Same Routine

Some individuals in the gym use the same weights, number of sets, and equipment every time that they work out. If you want to see improvements, you may have to change your routine a bit. Because the body adapts to stress, it will no longer improve once it’s reached a set point of exertion. Try changing the order, weight, and exercises of your routine. Do this every month or so.

#3 Taking Too Long In Between Sets

If you are maximizing your strength on every lift, and then taking a ten minute break before beginning your next set, you may be compromising your muscle-building efforts. Your goal is to be consistent in the areas that you are trying to see growth. Keep breaks in between sets to one to two minutes apart. This will help maximize your strength-building efforts.

#4 Getting Insufficient Rest

Not getting enough sleep is generally bad for your overall health. It can also be a significant catalyst behind your sudden fitness peak.  Getting adequate sleep each night is essential to helping your muscles recover and rebuild. Incessant exhaustion of your muscles can lead to injury and make you feel like you’ve worked much harder than you have. This includes allowing rest days during the week to replenish your energy.

#5 Doing Too Much Cardio

A solid exercise regimen should have a combination of both cardio and strength training. However, if you spend too much time on the cardio workout, you may not contribute enough to your muscle-building exercises. 2 to 3 cardio sessions between 30 and 40 minutes is enough to supplement the cardio portion of your workout.

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