Even when the holidays are over, winter is still the most active time for families to go on vacation. Holidays can mean long periods of rest, lots of food, and a more relaxed schedule than what you may be used to. These aspects are great; it’s good to have a change of pace! However, if you’re on a workout or fitness plan, you may fear that the results of your efforts over the last several months may get lost in a week of all-you-can-eat buffets. We have a couple of tips on how you can stay fit on vacation, providing you the chance to feel good before, during, and after the trip!

Start Before You Leave

The first couple of days of your vacation may be the most stressful if they involve long distance travel. Instead of getting tense for sitting in a chair for eight hours straight, plan on an extra intense workout the day before you leave (within reason!) so your body can feel more relaxed during the long periods of inactivity. If you don’t have to travel far, a harder workout can still help you feel better about taking the time to relax.

Find Hotels with Fitness

While most hotels come with gyms these days, it never hurts to make sure you’re booked somewhere that makes going downstairs and working out easier. Depending on where you’re going, safety might be a concern when you’re exercising by yourself. Having a gym downstairs with security can help you feel secure, and you’ll be able to fit in a quick workout without disrupting your tourist plans.

Get Creative!

If you’re comfortable with exercising outside, or you’re working out with a group of people, check out what areas around you are good fitness spots. You can try something new like a mountain run, swimming sprints, paddling, and more.

Remember That You Are on Vacation

Your holiday workout doesn’t have to be as long as your workout at home. Even if you are staying somewhere relaxing like the Bahamas, your body will still deal with the stress of being in a foreign place, adapting to new altitudes, climate, and food. You should enjoy your vacation, and if your morning run isn’t as long as it would be back at your usual street, give yourself the pass for this one week. When you get back home to South Florida, you can continue your fitness path with a free fitness class at PumpFit Club!