When it comes to fitness, for many people getting started is the hardest part. They feel overwhelmed and uncertain of where to begin. I’m a firm believer that fitness is for everyone and that everyone has the strength within themselves to succeed in reaching their fitness goals. If you are hoping to lose weight, build strength, or tackle some other fitness goal, but you feel overwhelmed by the mountain before you, check out these tips about how to stick to a fitness regime.

#1: Define A Goal

As a personal trainer in Fort Lauderdale, I have witnessed many people both succeed and fail at sticking to their new fitness plan. One of the key factors to success is starting off in the right direction. It is critically important that you begin any fitness journey with a defined goal. Without this goal, it will be difficult to measure success, to keep yourself on the right path, and to celebrate reaching important milestones.

For example, your goal might be to lose weight. Go beyond this simple, vague concept and create a defined goal with a real plan behind it. How many pounds do you want to lose? What is your check-in date for weight loss? What methods of fitness will you use to reach that goal? The more defined your goal is, the better chance you have of sticking to the plan you created.

#2: Check Your Mentality Daily

Once you have a goal and a plan of how to reach that goal, it is up to you to keep your head in the game. Check your mentality every single day. A defeatist attitude will thwart your efforts before you ever begin. Make it a point to ask yourself every morning, “Is my attitude in line with my goals?” On days you are struggling to keep your mind strong and focused on the goal ahead, lean on your support system for help — which brings us to the next point.

#3: Utilize Community For Accountability

Reaching a fitness goal alone is extremely difficult and sticking to your regime without the aid of a community on your side can be near impossible. Joining a community of others who are working towards the same goals will help you feel motivated and will keep you accountable. Here at PumpFit Club, Paulo, myself, and our trainers, believe that community is the heartbeat of what we do. When you join our fitness community, we will come together as one with fitness as a tool to elevate our community to be better at life. We welcome you to come find out how we can help you reach your fitness goals and keep you on track when you’re struggling to do it alone.

#4: Don’t Focus On Setbacks

Finally, never focus on setbacks but rather keep your eye on what is ahead. We all have bad days, days we fail to try, and days that we didn’t give it our best. Focusing on these negatives will quickly lead you down a spiral of negativity. Instead, keep your mind glued on the goals ahead.

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