The key to maximizing your workouts and living a healthier lifestyle is to maximize your flexibility. One of the main issues people face when exercising is not being ‘loose’ or not having the necessary range of motion to perform a certain action. If you follow these few simple tips, you will increase your flexibility, reap the benefits of a successful workout and begin to live an overall healthier lifestyle.

Be More Active

Get up and get out! One of the simplest solutions to your flexibility issue is to simply be more physically active.  Here are a few ways that you can become more active today:

  • Take the stairs
  • Park in the back of the parking lot
  • Drive less, walk more
  • Walk the park trail

You could even add some more exciting activities such as biking, yoga or swimming. Find out what works for you and go for it. By implementing these activities into your routine you will see how your body naturally becomes more flexible.

Avoid Awkward Positions

You are probably killing your flexibility as we speak and have no clue. Don’t think so? Well answer this question. Are you sitting up straight? Slouching is one of the key flexibility killers that, if carried over to the gym, can hinder you from being able to complete simple tasks including a pre-workout stretch.

Warm Up Before Workout

The biggest mistake made by people looking to get in the gym is not properly warming up. A proper warm up is vital to your flexibility and your overall health. By performing some pre-workout streches you literally warm your muscles up to complete the activity and are less likely to sustain an injury. This allows your body to twist and turn in ways you’ve never thought possible.


Get in the habit of carrying a water with you wherever you go and don’t just carry it, drink it! A University of Montreal study has proven that it can take up to 120 minutes for water to fully absorb into your body, so drinking while you exercise is doing nothing but forcing you to take extra time out of your workout to use the restroom. Once you get into the habit of continuously hydrating your body you will naturally feel more energized and find yourself needing less and less water while you are exercising.

Slow Down

Don’t believe that by completing a task faster you are doing it better. In reality, you only increase your chance of getting hurt if you rush through a workout. Take the time to focus on your movements whether you are stretching or weight training. The slower you perform the task, the more you concentrate on the muscle you are trying to stretch or build and the better your form will be.

Find Time to Relax

At the end of the day you need to reward your body by relaxing. Yes, you need to be active to gain flexibility but overworking your body can lead to muscle fatigue and injury. Take the time to get a massage or just put your feet up and watch some TV.

If you follow these simple tips you will find yourself naturally more flexible which leads to:

  • Less athletic injury
  • Reduced body pains
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved sleep

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