No one wants to get hurt from a good workout or participating in a favorite sport but the fact of the matter is that both of these activities carry a risk of injury. Like anything else, when you move your body you can get hurt. The key thing to keep in mind is that it is possible to lower your risk by becoming stronger and more flexible through stretching.

“Flexibility” is defined as the range of motion available to a joint or a group of joints. The more flexible you are, the easier you move. Stretching properly helps you achieve a full range of motion. The more of a range of motion you are capable of, the more force you can generate with your body to run faster or jump higher. Being able to move more easily helps you perform better when working out or doing daily tasks.

Tight muscles do not have as far a range of motion as muscles that have been properly warmed up and stretched. If your muscles are tight you are going to get injured at some point. Stretching regularly can help you achieve a fuller range of motion, which improves your athletic ability and makes you more flexible. In tun, flexibility can help reduce your risk of injury.

Power of Stretching

Regularly stretching lengthens your muscles, which helps realign muscle tissues. This keeps your muscles from becoming chronically tight. It’s a good idea to stretch before any kind of moderate to intense activity by gradually easing into the stretch.

At first, stretching feels both good and painful. When the pain becomes intense it is important to stop to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Stretching must be eased into slowly. A good static stretch can be held for up to 60 seconds. Day after day you can increase your flexibility by dedicating a few minutes to stretching. Your tolerance for the pain will increase as your body becomes more flexible.

When your body is flexible and you have a good range of motion, you put less pressure on your joints and muscle tissues to perform the movements you need them to. The more flexible you are, the more easily your joints can perform the motions you request of them, whether you are running or swimming or dancing.

Generally speaking, stretching regularly increases flexibility, which in turn improves your athletic performance and reduces your risk of getting injured. It is impossible to develop a generic guideline for proper stretching techniques, as it varies per person. In addition, flexibility is “sports specific” which means that if you are as flexible as a gymnast, but you play football, the degree to which you are flexible may be detrimental to your particular sport and may cause you to be more likely to get injured. For a personalized approach to fitness, come train at PumpFit Club and learn the proper techniques to build your best self.