1. Staying Motivated During the Holiday Season

    Love it or hate it, the cold weather is coming. While there are many perks to this time of year (time with family and friends, hot cocoa, nights by the fireplace, etc.) there is one thing that many of us experience that can make these months a struggle: lack of motivation. Now, there’s no science …Read More

  2. The Importance of Stretching after HIIT Training

    HIIT group fitness classes have quickly become one of the most popular workouts to date. These interviews mix a variety of moves with different reps and intervals. While the workouts are challenging, you can guarantee that they are going to leave your muscles screaming. This is exactly why every ins…Read More

  3. A Team Of Amazing Trainers: Media Recognition

    Here at PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale, we provide unique group classes that will motivate you to reach new levels of fitness. We are unlike any other fitness studio in the area due to our exclusive approach. We utilize high-intensity workouts that engage the whole body and are structured through i…Read More