I recommend it to everyone

I have to admit, I was forced to go here against my will the first time. That being said, I’ve found myself going back whenever I’m in Fort Lauderdale. The workouts are always tough, as in exhausting, but not difficult to perform or figure out. None of the exercises put excesive pressure on your joints or involves to much weight so that you hurt yourself. They go over each exercise at the beginning of each class and the teacher demonstrates the standard way and then the alternate way should you have an injury you’re recovering from, a muscle group that is tired, or maybe not built up if you are just getting back to working out. The classes are small enough that if the teacher notices you aren’t pushing yourself they will come and correct your form so that you definitely feel it. Lots of body weight movements, kettle bell, and tons of one-off things that I have never experienced before. The best part, it’s fun.

I recommend it to everyone of my friends who goes to visit Fort Lauderdale.