Once you have made the jump to start working out on a regular basis, you may begin to wonder what is the most efficient way to exercise. Some people start seeing enormous benefits in just a few weeks, while others spend many months working out only to see small gains. What are they doing differently? Typically, the answer is that some individuals work out more efficiently than others. This means they end up gaining larger benefits within the same amount of time as their less efficient counterparts. So how do you work out efficiently? Here are three ways:

Have a Schedule and Stick to it

A habit does not just appear out of thin air, it is formed. If you are serious about working out and getting in shape, you need to deliberately form a habit of sticking to your workout schedule.There is no right or wrong time to exercise. However, having a schedule and adhering to it consistently can yield big benefits. Think about your daily routine and figure out when you have time for working out within that schedule. Decide on the days of the week to work out and stick to your schedule. Missing even one workout can be a setback to your efficiency.

Always Warm Up

A good warm up period should always be an important part of every workout. A warm up gets the blood flowing and gets your body ready for exercise. Warming up allows your muscles to stretch and, in the long run will allow you to work out harder and longer in order to achieve the best results. Also, warming up is just plain important to exercising safely!

Don’t Just Go On The Machines

Exercise machines may have their benefits, but sticking to them exclusively also has drawbacks. Exercise machines dictate your movement path for you. On the other hand free weights force you to use more of your muscles to achieve a wider range of movements. There’s nothing wrong with exercise machines, just don’t use them exclusively.

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