A unique way to spice up your workout routine is to include your furry friend. Working out with your dog benefits you both. Not only are you exercising, you are giving your dog much-needed attention and activity to stimulate his mind and body. When you look forward to a workout with your dog, you are more likely to stick to your schedule and reach your goals. As an added plus, your dog can’t make excuses to miss the workout! Here are a few exercises you can try with your dog:


Take your dog out for a run for a quality warmup. Jogging gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing through your body, preparing you for the rest of your routine. Your dog will also thank you. Jogging with your dog is rewarding for a pet that’s been waiting idly for you to get home all day. It’s a great way to keep you and your pet fit.

Push Ups

Does your dog do tricks or understand commands? Having your dog lie down and stand is a great exercise for obedience and exercise training. Instructing them to do this while you do your pushups will lead your dog to mimic your movement. He will soon be able to join you while you work on push ups. You could also enhance obedience training while implementing planks to your workout. Simply command your dog to lie down as long as you hold your plank position.

Follow the Leader

Dogs love to follow their owners. A game of “follow the leader” is a fun exercise that both of you can do with ease. Side shuffles and sprints for movement agility and cardio are two examples of “follow the leader” exercises that your dog is sure to join.

Giving your dog the quality time they love from their owner and combining that with exercise is the best way for both of you to stay fit and enjoy each other’s company.  There are plenty of activities you can do with your dog while attending to your fitness needs. At PumpFit Club, we also support your fitness goals with all the tools and classes you need to make them a reality!