Wondering what kind of workout is best to lose weight? If you’ve started to research what kind of exercises you should do to lose more fat you’ve probably come across terms like “aerobic” and “anaerobic.” You probably know aerobic exercises as “cardio” but may be wondering what anaerobic is all about. If you are aiming to reduce fat and increase overall fitness, aerobic and anaerobic exercises are both good for you. But what is the difference and how do they work together to get you into the best shape possible? Read on to find out.

Aerobic Exercise

Also known as “cardio,” most people associate exercise with aerobic exercise. The word “aerobic” means “relating to, involving, or requiring free oxygen.” Aerobic exercise is low-high intensity exercise that allows oxygen to meet the energy demands during this kind of exercise. Aerobic exercise can be sustained over long periods of time since the need for oxygen can be met. It burns fat as it uses fat as fuel while strengthening the heart and lungs. Common aerobic activities include running, swimming, and biking.

Anaerobic Exercise

Contrary but complementary to aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise uses glycogen for fuel rather than fat. Glycogen is a polysaccharide (think carbs) of glucose (sugar). Endurance athletes utilize anaerobic exercises and typically load up on carbs beforehand. During anaerobic exercises, the body’s demand for oxygen exceeds the supply. For this reason these exercises are performed in short bursts. These exercises build lean muscle mass and burn more calories than aerobic exercises. Anaerobic exercises are high-intensity workouts like sprinting and weightlifting.

Interval Training

To maximize your workout routine, interval training brings the best of both worlds. Interval training involves longer periods of time performing aerobic exercises with quick bursts of anaerobic exercises thrown in. The purpose of anaerobic exercise is to push yourself to the limit for short periods of time, or intervals, of between 30-60 seconds. In this way you tire yourself out but continue to exercise as you revert back to a slower aerobic exercise. This increases endurance and improves your overall level of fitness.

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