For years, many career athletes have taken advantage of the benefits provided by high-intensity interval training (also known as HIIT). This practice involves taking short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods. Some of the immediate advantages include making leaps to your fitness goals in less time. However, research has shown that there are more subtle perks to interval training as well.

Improving Your Endurance

When you find yourself losing your pace during a routine run, pick up your pace for about a minute. A research study done by the Public Library of Science found that the minute of high-intensity exercises in the middle of a workout that is usually not as intense can improve your overall health and endurance. The researchers found healthier rates of blood pressure and improved mitochondrial production, the latter being a cell structure that helps provide energy to your brain and body.

Calories Keep Burning After Workout

According to athletic trainer Scott Weiss, the burst of intensity in your workout increases how many calories your body needs to burn. When correctly performed, high-intensity interval training can keep calories dropping for up to two hours after the workout. The extended burn is due to your body having to return to homeostasis after exercise, and does so by using more energy to take in more oxygen. Think of this period as the runner’s high you experience after an intense workout.

Heart Improvements

High-intensity interval training can make your body more flexible, which isn’t only good for keeping your back pain-free. Flexibility is transferred over to your veins and arteries after HIIT, as the higher demand for oxygen puts pressure on those blood vessels. Sometimes, people with cases of coronary artery disease were found to be in better condition after a high-intensity workout.

You should always keep your body checked with your physician to make sure high-intensity interval training is the right fit for you. Exercise may not go anywhere if you only end up hurting yourself. Many athletes also mix high-intensity interval training with moderate exercise as well. If you’re looking for the right workout for your fitness goals, try a free class with us at PumpFit Club!