You are never too old to get in shape! Exercise can help you feel healthier, stronger, lose weight, look better, and even alleviate things like stress – regardless of your age. If you are a senior who hasn’t gotten much exercise in a while, you are really not that different from anyone else. You just have to start small and slowly work your way up. The specifics of which exercises you should start with will really depend on your fitness goals. For example, are you hoping to improve your heart, strength, balance, endurance, or some combination of these? Here are some tips for getting started:

Healthy Heart

If you want to focus on improving your heart health, then you should look into aerobic endurance exercise. This basically means any form of exercise which will raise your heart rate and hold it there for a period of time. Again, it’s best to start small if you are a beginner. Things like walking, doing Tai Chi, and dancing can all be excellent ways to start getting used to raising your heart rate and sustaining it. As you get better, you can start slowly increasing duration and intensity. For example, go for longer walks and start walking at a brisker pace. After a while you may even start to prefer jogging. You’d be surprised how quickly your body can start getting accustomed to a new routine.

Strength & Balance

You may be wondering why you’d even want to build your strength. The reality is that American emergency rooms have to treat over 2 million seniors a year for injuries after a fall. Improved strength and balance can reduce the risk of a fall. If you are looking to build your strength, then heart rate is not as much of a concern. Start by lifting small weights, and to be on the safe side, try starting with no more than one or two pounds. This may not sound like much but after around 15 lifts, you’ll definitely start to feel it. Once you get better, start slowly increasing the weight and repetitions. When looking to improve your balance, yoga is an excellent option.

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