As kids, the holidays were a great excuse to take a day off and eat tons of food. Nowadays, holidays can mess up our workout schedules, destroying the health habits we worked so hard to develop over the year. Thanksgiving is a battlefield of calories, and while it may be fun to let loose for one day, follow some of these healthy Thanksgiving tips so you’re not knocked out cold for a week straight.

Go Outside

With your Thanksgiving day off, take advantage of it by being active. This is an opportunity to catch up with visiting friends and family. Sitting at home has its perks, but spending a couple of hours outside to go to the park or play a game of football can help burn calories for the evening meal, and will keep the group in higher spirits.

Have Breakfast

When preparing for the Thanksgiving feast, don’t starve yourself in an effort to make room for everything at the dinner table. Doing so will make it harder to control how much you eat, which can lead to overeating. Have a light breakfast and lunch for the day in order to keep your Thanksgiving appetite in check.

Drink Water

It’s already important to be drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. For Thanksgiving, drinking water helps your mind separate thirst from hunger, and stops you from eating too much. Sticking to water will also help you avoid more calorie-heavy drinks like sofas, beers, and wine. If you don’t like the idea of drinking plain water, try preparing some infused drinks beforehand.

Plan for a Walk After

It might seem hard after finishing your desert, but planning a walk after you finish your Thanksgiving meal will give you a headstart in burning off the calories. Doing so will also make it less likely for you to hang around at the table and start picking off at portions. This way you’ll get to enjoy the brisk November weather, do some light exercise, and spend more time with any loved ones that decide to join you!

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