Our shoulders are not usually on the top of our lists as a priority to exercise, however if you were to injure your shoulder, you would immediately notice its importance. Shoulder injuries are usually the result of repetitive motions or athletic activities which involve an overhead motion. This is also a common problem who people who constantly lift and carry heavy equipment for work.

Daily Usage

We use our shoulder muscles for many of our daily activities. From lifting groceries, to household chores, we need the support our shoulders to perform these tasks.


There are few very important small muscles that are incorporated with your shoulder. These are called the rotator cuff muscles. Neglect of these muscles may lead to injuries that can leave you unable to perform the simplest of tasks for weeks. Activities involving excessive, repetitive, or overhead motions such as tennis, swimming, or lifting heavy boxes often lead to injuries of the rotator cuff muscles.  The rotator cuff muscle injuries are among the most common shoulder injuries so it is important that you exercise these muscles to avoid injuries.

In addition to the rotator cuff muscles, your shoulder is also composed of ball-and-socket joints. These joints are important to the shoulder’s flexibility and stability, which in turn increases your strength and decreases the strain left on your ligaments.


To prevent shoulder injuries, you need to regularly exercise your shoulder muscles to increase their strength and flexibility. Adding shoulder stretches into your routine will help you to isolate those muscles to help avoid ligament and joint injuries. This also improves blood flow to these to these areas that serve as a benefit to your shoulders during heavy weight lifting exercises.  

Because of the size of the rotator muscles, it is important to not put too much weight on it or do too many repetitions because it can result in injuries. Instead try to balance your workouts between the front and the rear rotator cuff muscles.

If you need some one-on-one guidance on exercises to improve your shoulder strength feel free to contact us at PumpFit Club.  Set up an appointment with one of our fitness professionals for advice and customised programs with your goals in mind.