When the word “diet” is brought up, most people have several images run through their heads. A notepad full of calculated calories, carefully crafted energy shakes, and a big list of what tasty things should not be eaten. In the past couple of years, a new diet has risen to address those stereotypes. The paleo diet was the most searched diet on Google in 2013. It has a strong following, but also a controversial one. Health and fitness experts disagree on whether it’s even good for you, but what exactly is it?

Caveman Life

The philosophy of the paleo diet is that the food we eat should be similar to the food our cave dwelling ancestors ate. On one hand, that means no canned and artificially preserved foods that are full of salt and chemicals. The paleo diet expects you to prepare your own meals, and also encourages eating dark leafy greens, nuts, and starchy foods like potatoes. It also means that you can still eat tasty, protein-rich foods like red meat and eggs. On the other hand, it ironically does the exact thing that many of the more intense diets follow: restrict your choices in terms of what you can and can’t eat. The paleo diet is also a diet that is normally high in saturated fat which – while maybe not as bad as once originally thought – can still lead to health problems down the line.

Is a Paleo Diet Better?

We’re not scientists, but it’s not a stretch to say that our digestive system may be a little bit different from our ancestors. The food our bodies expect and need today may not be the same as all those years ago. The paleo diet is ranked very low compared to other popular diet plans in the U.S. News and World Report. This ranking was done by a board of registered clinicians and health experts, but this same ranking also put other diets that emphasized protein shakes and power bars over natural foods as the better option. There’s something to be said about the fact that the paleo diet not only encourages you to eat natural, but also encourages you to cook, and you’ll certainly be getting your nutrients.


Ultimately, whether or not a paleo diet is good for you is up to how you want to achieve your health and fitness goals. If you’re looking for a new way to exercise and get fit, try one of our free classes at Pumpfit Club! We can help you discover the diet that works and avoid the diet that doesn’t. Get started today.