Successfully performing a split jerk in a weightlifting competition can be the deciding factor in the clean and jerk portion of the contest. The slightest mistake from an individual attempting to perform a split jerk can cause the barbell to be dropped prematurely, resulting in a missed lift. There are multiple causes of a missed lift, the most common of which is an improper recovery.

For those who may be unfamiliar to the sport of weightlifting, it would be easy to assume that once the barbell has been lifted overhead that move is complete. In all actuality, this is only half of the move. Judges are looking to see that the contestant can steady his or feet underneath him or her in a swift, smooth movement while keeping the weight steadied overhead. Competitive weightlifters and the casual lifter need to pay just as much attention securing the position of their legs after the lift as being able to lift the weight itself. The seemingly simple action of recovering from the split position can be overlooked and lead to a unsuccessful lift and even injuries. Follow these simple tips for a successful split jerk recovery.

Stabilize Weight

Contrary to a “push press” or a “push power jerk,” a split jerk requires precise leg movements which allow you to lift the heaviest weight possible. By steadying the weight, you simplify the entire movement. Take the time to practice with a lighter weight to get down your form and carry the form with you as you increase the weight and difficulty of the lift.

Give yourself the necessary time for your shoulders to stabilize the weight before recovering. If you begin to adjust the position of your feet before stabilizing the weight, you will likely drop the weight, resulting in an unsuccessful attempt.

Front Foot Then Back Foot

This rule should be ingrained into the minds of habitual weightlifters, but it does not hurt to reiterate. This simple tip allows you to keep the weight balanced as you recover. You should retract your front foot underneath your hips as you begin to stand up straight. This will allow you to recover your back foot with ease as your body is centered and stabilized. If you attempt to recover your back foot first, you will become unbalanced, and the weight will likely fall backwards.

A successful recovery from a split jerk will allow you to lift heavier weights and perfect your form. Join us at PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale for high intensity interval training that is designed to push your body to the max. Our full-body workouts are broad and inclusive by design as we strive to aid individuals of various fitness levels push their body to new heights. Contact us today to find out how you can get a free 3-day pass.