If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant soon, we fully support your decision to stay fit. Pregnancy and fitness are often entangled in detrimental myths that keep women from staying active; which can become depressing, especially if you’re a fitness fanatic like we are! We are also fans of debunking myths that can promote an unhealthy lifestyle. Learn the truth behind prenatal exercise and free yourself from the top pregnancy myths today.

Myth #1: If you’ve never exercised before, pregnancy is not the time to start

Being inactive is hardly advisable unless you have just undergone surgery or physically cannot get around. Getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat is the key to a long and healthy life, and that does not change just because you’re sporting a baby bump. Walking, swimming, and yoga are all great activities you can do while pregnant, and you can even strength train with proper precautions. Ask your doctor which of your favorite activities you can keep doing well into your pregnancy.

Inactivity is the real threat, as putting on weight and increasing your blood pressure pushes your chances of requiring a risky C-section and can even spark gestational diabetes. A brisk 30-60 minute walk a day can work wonders to keep the pounds away.

Myth #2: Strength training can ruin your joints

Some people are concerned about strength training during pregnancy due to the fact that pregnancy spurs a rush of relaxin through your body; relaxin is a hormone that loosens ligaments to prep your body for delivery. Still, studies show that low-to-moderate intensity strength training is safe, even for those who are pregnant and have never strength trained before.

Machines, free weights, and exercises like push-ups and squats are all A-OK during pregnancy. And no, squatting won’t make the baby come faster.

Myth #3: Running is no longer safe when you’re pregnant

If you’re a fan of aerobic exercise, running can be a great activity. While some believe that running can disorient your baby or “shake it loose,” Baby is perfectly secure in that cozy sac of amniotic fluid your body has worked so hard to create. Runners can go several months into their pregnancies without changing their routines, but eventually the physical act just becomes uncomfortable with a full-blown bump. Bottom line: if you enjoy running and you’ve become pregnant, go for it. As usual, you should always consult with your doctor about any physical activity concerns you may have.

If you’re not afraid to break a sweat and stay in shape while pregnant, come join us at PumpFit Club for a fun workout that can actually help strengthen your muscles, easing the delivery which is sure to come.