What’s the Best Workout for Burning Fat?

Unfortunately, when it comes to losing fat, there is not any one simple method that works for everyone. In fact, every individual responds to every workout slightly differently. This means that some workouts which are great for helping certain individuals burn fat may not be as effective for certain other individuals. That being said, as a general rule of thumb, there are certain types of workouts which are better for losing weight than others. For example, we know that exercises which work out many body parts simultaneously and are weight bearing tend to burn calories at a faster rate than exercises which are more targeted to a specific body part.

Should I Start With Cardio or Weight Training?

This depends on what your goals are for working out. If you’re someone who’s goal it is to lose weight or increase endurance, then doing cardiovascular exercises first may be beneficial. On the other hand, if your main goal is to build muscle and increase strength, then you may want to consider doing strength training first.

What’s My Target Heart Rate?

This is the heart rate range that tells you whether you are maintaining a desired amount of physical activity while working out. As a rule of thumb, you can estimate your target heart rate by subtracting your age from 270.

Why Do Muscles Get Sore After Working Out?

Soreness happens when a muscle has to exert more force or engage in physical activity which is much more intense than normal. Muscle soreness is very normal for individuals who are just starting to work out. Typically the soreness will go away after 5 or 6 days. Just because you are sore does not mean you should stop working out. Over time, as you get accustomed to working out, your muscles will be less sore after exercising

How Often Should I Work Out?

This depends on what your goals are for working out. On average individuals work out about three days a week. However, there is nothing wrong with working out more. If you want to start working out more, try PumpFit Club. We offer training classes that are fun and inclusive. Call now to try a free class.