What is anaerobic exercise? Anaerobic exercise is just one form of exercise that focuses on building strength and muscle mass by focusing on high-intensity activities like sprinting, weight-lifting, climbing, and interval training. Anaerobic exercise utilizes the energy that is stored in your muscles rather than using oxygen. The term “anaerobic” literally translates to “without oxygen.” This is why anaerobic exercise lasts from a few seconds up to two minutes, after which point your body’s aerobic system starts up again. This is the direct opposite of aerobic exercise, which is moderate-intensity activity relying on the air you breathe for long periods of time.


It doesn’t feel good…


Given the choice between the two forms of exercise, most people would prefer to do aerobic exercises. These are arguably more fun, and since you can do them for longer periods of time can make you feel like you’re putting in a good workout. On the contrary, anaerobic exercise is what really pushes your body to its limits, strengthening the muscles that you hardly ever use outside a training room. A 300-meter sprint can lead to gasping for air, body cramps and burning sensations in your legs; however, this is the exact type of movement your body needs to use fast twitch muscle fibers, or Type II of the two types of skeletal muscle fibers.

…but it’s good for you


By using and developing the fast twitch muscle fibers in your body, you are setting yourself up for that well-toned body we all dream of having. You know, the one that is not too big or muscular, yet is defined and strong? If you want the body of a dancer or a gymnast, well, you have to train like a dancer or a gymnast. The best way to do this is through high intensity interval training, or HIIP, the best way to get anaerobic exercise into your fitness routine. HIIP is a routine in which you utilize anaerobic exercise for short periods, or intervals. Sprinting for a minute followed by a minute of walking as a resting period is a simple example of HIIP.


Anaerobic exercise also boosts your VO2 max, or the highest amount of O2 your body can consume during exercise. By making anaerobic exercises a regular part of your routine, this amount increases. Also, the soreness you experience from anaerobic exercises diminishes over time as you continue to use the muscles activated during these exercises and build strength.

Additional Health Benefits

The health benefits of this type of training are nearly endless. Anaerobic training is the best way to achieve maximum fat loss as you are building more muscle mass. Muscles burn more calories than any other tissues in your body. Building lean muscles also speeds up your metabolism in a beneficial cycle — the more muscles you build, the more calories you burn, the less fat you have, the faster your metabolism, the more energy you have (increased muscle mass leads to more energy storage).


Anaerobic exercises like resistance training is nearly as beneficial as antidepressants for mood disorders. It has long been known that exercise especially helps those suffering from depression and anxiety. When we exercise, our bodies release a flow of feel-good endorphins. We also feel good about accomplishing something that is good for our health. Higher energy levels combat the negative energy effects those suffering from mental health disorders experience.


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