We all go to the gym with the common goal of getting in shape. We jog, lift weights, do squats and sweat our lives away achieve this goal, but leaving your hard earned sweat on the mat is not the way to go. For all you gym rats out there, here are the top things to know about proper gym etiquette.

Keep your Sweat to Yourself

So you’ve been doing a few bench presses and your sweat is everywhere. Keep your sweat to yourself. Before you leave that seat, be sure to wipe it all up. Think about the people who may come after you. No one else will want to sit in your sweat.

Put Things Back where you found them.

We know you don’t want to do more chores, but putting back the free weights is not only helpful to the staff, you burn some extra calories as well.

No Warrior Cries

We get it, you’re feeling the burn, but there is no need for the loud grunting, yelling, or slamming of equipment. You may make those around you uncomfortable.

Sharing is Caring

Don’t be a machine hog. It does not matter if you use the same machine at the same time everyday. Do not stare down anyone who may be approaching or assume that they are finished using a machine. Be polite, ask if they are finished or if they need more time. You can even offer to take turns with them.

Dress the Part

Regardless of the workout, there will be a lot of moving parts all over your body. Try not to let it all hangout. Keep your boys and girls under wraps with the appropriate gym attire.

Keep Your Music to Yourself

Nothing can motivate you to push harder at the gym than your favorite song. Now whether that’s a Beyonce or Bruce Springsteen song is for only you to know. Always carry your headphones. Do not play your music aloud in the gym.  

Keep Your Germs to Yourself

If you are sick, it’s probably better for your to stay home. Not only can you potentially hurt yourself, but coughing and sneezing in the gym can leave a nasty trail of germs on the equipment. You could end up infecting everyone else at the gym.

Gym etiquette can go a long way. Doing your part will ensure a great gym experience for not just you but those around you as well. If you’re looking to give your body the extra push it needs to achieve your fitness goals, consider trying a high-intensity interval training session at PumpFit Club. Join us for a free fitness class today!