After a long day of self motivation, you finally made it into the gym. There’s only one problem, you forgot something. Taking time out of our busy schedules to go the gym can already be a big commitment, and there’s nothing worse then feeling like you wasted your day because you forgot to bring something you didn’t think about. Before you go to the gym for a workout, make sure you have these following items with you. These are meant to not only help make your workout smoother, but also safer!

Safe & Comfortable Shoes

It can be very easy to take our shoes for granted. Have you ever tried going out on the sidewalk barefoot? As a result, you may not even think about how your shoes can affect your workout until it’s too late. Running in shoes that weren’t made for running can do some damage to your feet over time, and if you walk into the gym with sandals on, expect to have at least one of your toes crushed by a stray dumbbell.

Workout Log

A workout log can be good for recording your progress, such as how many more reps you’ve done in a certain time period, or whether it’s a day to focus on your legs or your arms. A workout log can also be useful during the actual workout itself, if you’re up to checking in on it. It can be easy to lose track of where you are with your workout, which can lead to not spending as much time on a workout as you should (or overdoing a workout).


You’re gonna sweat. It might sound gross, but it’s unavoidable, and it usually shows that you’re working hard! Gyms are made to be sweat in, but that doesn’t mean everyone around you has to touch your sweat when they use weights or instruments after you. Be a friend, bring your own towel to wipe equipment after using it.

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