One of the hardest parts about a workout is maintaining the discipline to stick to it. The amount of distractions we have around us can make it easy to take “just one day off,” which quickly snowballs into not exercising for weeks, or months! Not only that, but after the first couple of weeks of your workout, it is common to not see progress as fast as when you started. Feeling like you hit a wall, along with being distracted, can make it difficult to stay motivated to work out. If you feel like you’ve hit a slump with your workout, or you want to prevent that slump from happening, follow some of these top ways to stay motivated!

Keep a Regular Workout Time

What is the first thing most of us do when we get up in the morning? We brush our teeth, have breakfast, drink coffee, and don’t even think twice about it. It can be hard to break a habit, and even harder to make one. However, the benefits of making your workout a habit can do so much for your overall health and mood in the long run. Whether it’s when you get out of bed, or right when you get out of work, try to have a specific hour dedicated to your workout to keep you motivated. Sometimes, not thinking too much about your workout can be better motivation than over-thinking it.


Reward Yourself

Somewhat related to keeping a regular workout time, giving yourself a real, physical reward after a workout will help your motivation for the workout. For some, the knowledge that they just worked out is enough of a reward, but if we’re being realistic, that’s not going to be the case for everyone. Having an external reward – whether it’s a tasty snack or something else you may find valuable – will help wire your brain to convince yourself to stay motivated for the workout. To put it another way, if you’re having trouble staying motivated minutes before your workout starts, ask yourself, “How will I feel later on today if I do this, compared to how I will feel if I don’t?”


Make a Contract With Friends

Breaking a promise to yourself can, in most cases, be a pretty easy thing to do. Breaking a promise to a friend or a family member, on the other hand, isn’t as easy. Making a contract with a friend or a workout partner has shown to motivate people to stick to their workouts. If that’s not enough, a paid contract will up the stakes. Staying on the couch doesn’t sound as appealing when it means wasting money.


If you are in South Florida and are having trouble motivating yourself to stick to your workout, it may be time to look for some external motivation. At Pumpfit Club, our environment is open and friendly, and our goal is to help you stick to your workout and reach your own fitness goals. Try one of our classes for free today!