Vitamin supplements became available to Americans back in the 1940s, and since then their popularity has exploded. Today, half of Americans take some sort of multivitamin or mineral supplement. On one hand, this can be considered a positive change. More people are becoming aware of their health and are taking steps to improve. On the other, this popularity can lead to confusion and misconceptions about what vitamin supplements can do and how they operate in the body. When you’re walking down the multivitamin aisle you may wonder if you should be taking as many varieties of vitamins as you can. If one vitamin supplement can be good for you, why wouldn’t more be better? Here’s why taking more vitamins in the form of pills may not be the best option.

It’s not just about the vitamins

Yes, your body needs vitamins in order to perform well. The thing is, it’s not just the vitamin that contributes to your physical and mental performance. Vitamin supplements provide the body with more vitamins than any fruit or vegetable naturally can. Unlike that fruit, you are taking one type of vitamin by itself.


For those experiencing a deficiency, a vitamin supplement may be exactly what is needed. For the rest of us, we would only need the amount provided naturally. The vitamins that come from naturally occurring foods are also accompanied by other organic compounds that compliment the vitamins’ effectiveness. If you take the vitamin out of that relationship with the other compounds, you risk it not performing as effectively.


Too much can hurt you

Every vitamin has a recommended dietary intake. Again, if you have a deficiency of that vitamin, then it may be fair to go over the recommendation with a vitamin supplement. However, if you don’t, then you run the risk of harming your body depending on what the vitamin is. For example, the vitamin B6 has been known to cause nerve damage when taken in large amounts. For other vitamins, you’ll simply be getting diminishing returns. In other words, you simply won’t be seeing any meaningful positive effects than if you were to receive the vitamin through natural foods.


Vitamin Supplements are not miracle cures

Just because they are in pill form does not mean vitamin supplements are drugs, and should not be prescribed or taken as such. If you are facing health issues it would be much more helpful to consult with a doctor on what the issue is. If you are looking to take vitamin supplements in order to improve your athletic performance, a personalized workout and diet with a consistent schedule will do more for you than taking a vitamin cocktail. If you are unsure where to start with exercising to leave a healthier, stronger life, contact us and try one of our free classes today at PumpFit Club.