The pains that come with a typical diet are heard all too often. Sometimes a dieter ends up eating too little and ends up damaging the body, or the dieter isn’t seeing the fitness goals that they had in mind when they started. As physical fitness has become more popular in the last couple of years, many workout and dieting methods have evolved. Reverse dieting is one method that has been practiced primarily among competitive body builders but hasn’t gotten much popularity. What is reverse dieting, though? Is it something that you should be doing? Is it just eating as much as you can? As enticing as that may sound, not exactly.

Strategic Eating

If you’re on a traditional diet right now, whether it’s for a competition or your own personal goal, chances are you have the temptation to throw caution to the wind and go on a feeding frenzy once that goal is adequately met. The whole idea of reverse dieting is to prevent that frenzy from happening. The reason why you would want to do this is because eating excessively right after a strict diet can confuse your metabolism. The goals you worked so hard to attain through your diet may end up getting lost, possibly leading to rapid weight gain or depression.

Working Your Way Up

The benefit of reverse dieting is that you are slowly allowing yourself to eat more as time goes on. You go at a steady pace instead of taking all the food on at once. Pacing yourself like this can help adjust your metabolism to your eating habits (or close to them) from before you started your traditional diet. More food means more energy for your body, which can mean a lower chance of injury during your exercise routine, as well as your normal day to day life. Keep in mind, though, that reverse dieting is not for everyone. It is usually meant for people who have just finished a low calorie diet, those with an unbalanced metabolism, and those who have energy problems due to eating too little.
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