It’s a classic new year’s resolution, starting next week, you’re gonna get rid of all the sugars, the salty foods, and the alcohol, so that you can start eating and living healthy. Of course, it’s also a common joke that most people don’t last to February when it comes to maintaining that goal. The fact of the matter is, eating healthy can be hard. Why is that? Why wouldn’t our bodies naturally want the food that is scientifically better? Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that make eating healthy difficult.

Our Bodies Want – And Need – Fat

The thing is, technically, the body thinks it is eating food that is good for it. Way back in the days of cavemen, protein-rich, fatty foods were hard to come by, but was necessary for the type of lifestyle that our ancestors lived. They had to hunt for it, and were lucky to get anything out of it, so there was almost never any real excess of protein or fats weighing them down. Nowadays, hunting is mostly a recreation for a few, while the rest of us are able to buy as much beef as we want at the local supermarket. Not having to hunt for this type of protein-rich food, and being able to eat it daily, tricks our bodies into thinking we are eating healthy when we’re not. This makes eating other necessary healthy foods like veggies and fruits a harder sell for our bodies.


Unhealthy Foods Can be Addicting

If the protein wasn’t enough, it’s important to know that many of our favorite snacks and fast food items are overloaded with sugar. Sugar is what makes most of them taste good, and it is yet another substance that was far more rare back in the day, but is now much easier to come by. Our brains can get used to this sugar intake, which is what causes this form of addiction. This is why cravings for candy or a soda can be far more common than craving an apple. Eating healthy can be difficult when we’ve been slowly wired to do otherwise!


What You Can Do

Now for some good news, we can wire our brains back. Granted, it’s a slow process. You won’t be giving up hamburgers for leafy salads within a day. In fact, it’s possible to harm yourself to go that fast. Small changes, a consistent schedule, and patience are key to developing good healthy eating habits. Not only that, but in recent years the introduction healthier alternative of sweet snacks have made the transition smoother. If you’re looking to start eating healthier, good exercise can help compliment your diet. Try a free class with us at Pumpfit Club, let us know what your goals are, and see what we can do to help you on the path to healthier living!